‘cake mix’ it said

What is it with these packet recipe things?  We used to buy them because they made dinner easy. Didn’t they?  The packet came filled with some flour-like stuff, and you cooked the meat, chucked the flour-like stuff in, add a cup of water and bring it to the boil or whatever.  That actually was easy.  There was dinner, done.

But now, I must be way behind the times.  I picked up a packaged cake mix the other day.  A nice tea cake I thought.  I’ll make a nice cuppa this afternoon and have a lovely slice of this tea cake while I watch re-runs of Downton Abbey.  Perfect.  Then I start preparing to make said tea cake.  Now, usually it will say add an egg, and some milk, or maybe water.  Everyone will have an egg or two, and most likely some milk or water.  Easy done.  But no.  This time, I need coconut oil. And sour cream.  As well as 2 eggs and a cup of milk. Which I’m supposed to mix with the flour stuff in the packet.  I’m thinking what the hell do I need that flour stuff for?  I’ve got all sorts of flour in the pantry, surely some good old self raising flour will do.  I think that whole pack of self raising flour was cheaper than this ‘cake mix’ by the way.

But fair enough, I do have sour cream in the fridge every few weeks or thereabouts, I like it.  But of course it’s all gone on this day.  But how often does missus average have coconut oil on standby?  I’m missus average in case there was any doubt.

So my lovely tea cake idea was vanishing, and besides, at this rate Downton Abbey would be over and done by the time I had any cake near any oven.

I’m scratching my head by this time.  Which all food safety types will tell you is a no-no in the kitchen.  So my cake mix not only isn’t much of a cake mix, it’s bordering on being a health hazard.

And in desperation I reach for the pile of books next to the breadbin.  The dreaded recipe books.

I find a section in one, titled ‘Fast & Easy cakes’.  Sounds a tad racey I thought, but I can’t get sidetracked, I have to find a recipe so I can have my slice of cake this afternoon.  I’m starving by now.

I find a recipe.  A fast and easy recipe.  Ingredients? Milk, self raising flour, sugar, egg, butter.  Method? Basically melt the butter, chuck it all in a bowl, mix it and then whack it in a greased cake tin, pop it in the oven for about 25 mins, just check it then to see if it’s ready or not.

The only thing different to that packaged cake mix was melting some butter.  And not ripping open a cardboard box to wrestle with a plastic bag of some floury stuff.

I enjoyed my slice of cake that afternoon.  I tossed out that cake mix and the box it came in.

Lesson learnt.  Mother was right, cooking ain’t hard.

All for now,