‘cake mix’ it said

What is it with these packet recipe things?  We used to buy them because they made cooking easy. Didn’t they?

But now, something has changed.

I bought a packaged cake mix this morning.  A tea cake.  I’ll make a nice cuppa this afternoon and have a lovely slice of this tea cake while I watch some telly. That was my thinking.

So. I start preparing to make said tea cake.

Now, usually it will say to add a couple of things like an egg, and some milk.  Easy done.

But no.

This time, I need coconut oil. And sour cream.  As well as the more expected 2 eggs and a cup of milk.

All of which I’m supposed to mix with the flour stuff in the packet.

I like sour cream. Often have it in the fridge I suppose.  But today’s not one of those days.

I start to feel a bit useless, a bit ‘different’, asking myself ‘am I strange?’  … because I know I don’t have any coconut oil either.

At this rate even Gone With The Wind would be over and done by the time I had any cakemix near the oven.

So there I was, scratching my head, what to do?

Which all food safety types will tell you is a no-no in the kitchen.  No head scratching. So my cake mix not only isn’t much of a cake mix, it’s now bordering on being a health hazard.

I wash my hands.

In something close to desperation I reach for the pile of books next to the breadbin.  The dreaded recipe books.

I find a section in one, titled ‘Fast & Easy cakes’.

I find a recipe.  A fast and easy recipe.

Ingredients? Milk, self raising flour, sugar, egg, butter.  Method?  Melt the butter, chuck it all in a bowl, give it a good mix, whack it in a greased cake tin then pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes.

The only thing different to that packaged cake mix was melting some butter.  And not ripping open a cardboard box to wrestle with a plastic bag of some floury stuff.

I enjoyed my slice of cake this afternoon.  Smugly thinking ‘home made, and with my very own hands!’.

I tossed out that cake mix and swore at the box it came in too as it landed in the bin.

Lesson learnt. Check the recipe books first!