Blushing rose

6be92989-de64-4c03-a700-edd20996e7d2.pngvia Daily Prompt: Blush

Ok, I’ll do it. I keep reading about this ‘daily prompt’ thing, where we bloggers are given a word, to write about. I really have doubts about being able to do that, when the word doesn’t have any particular relevance to my day, you know? But hey I’m brave aren’t I? Time to laugh now ha!

Well here goes!

 Blush’. Surely a word that conjures up a smile. It’s cute, it’s embarrassing – depending on whether it’s you or someone else that’s doing the blushing.

For myself, to blush is always because of something I’ve done, and I mean something silly, or stupid, in front of someone or heaven forbid lots of someones.  If I’ve been silly, I’ll go all gooey red faced and laugh at myself hoping everyone is laughing with me, not AT me; and if I’ve been stupid I’ll be blushing for what will feel like eternity, and be looking so hottt in the face. And that red face takes much too long to fade back to my normal skin colour, and realising it isn’t going away will just start  the blush all over again. Yikes.

I really don’t even like thinking about blushing!

But if it’s someone else doing the blushing, oh how sorry I’ll feel for them. I won’t want to embarrass them, and that will be so important that I’ll look away!  Which I think probably makes the poor person feel worse. But it does give them time to recover a little.

The blushing rose despite all that, is always thought of as beautiful.  I will try from now on to think of myself as that beautiful rose, a beautiful blushing rose.

But now, if I could just not blush to begin with …

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