Ugh, just call me Blog


Hello my friend!

I can’t believe how much I’ve not learnt this morning.

Oh it’s fun isn’t it?! This world of Blog. Oh look, I love it, I just am so much a newbie it’s a little embarrassing I suppose. But seeing as I still don’t have much of a clue about it all, I don’t even know enough to be embarrassed yet!

But. The thing I’ve definitely not learnt this morning, is how to share a webpage in a blog post. Well, I found something called ‘press this’ which sounded marvellously simple, except it just wouldn’t work. Turns out it’s not available any more.  I think. Sigh.

And right now, after fiddle faddling about for two cups of coffee (my measurement of time), I realise there’s a link thingy here in the blog post anyway.  And I knew that.  Ugh.

So yes, I will think of myself as ‘Blog’ – the cavewoman, from now on.  Well, at least until I transform into a superhero, yessiree I have to stay confident of success!

Ahh well, it’s made me laugh at myself and that’s no bad thing – and now I will continue on my ‘share a webpage’ quest! Stay tuned, I do want to share some amazing news … and it’s on its way … until then, a happy day to you!

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