Never forget to remember – we all deserve love


This is way out of my usual scope, but a young lady I know has been having an emotional time after a relationship break-up. Break-ups are never easy. Never ever.

My dear mother would sometimes lament ‘you can’t put an old head on young shoulders‘, and now that my head is getting older I understand exactly what she meant.

We’ve all had our heart broken at some time, and can remember the awfulness of it.  And more often than not, we didn’t see the signs. The signs that showed something wasn’t right.

Worse though is that even after the break-up, those things that weren’t right can pale into nothingness, because above all else, the heart is breaking – and even when we realise we’re much better out of that relationship, all we feel is the pain.  We feel like we don’t matter.

And there’s nothing that can be done.  Only time will heal that heartache.

So while my mother’s lament has popped into my mind quite often lately, I’ve also been thinking that young women need to put themselves first, need to understand what they deserve.

Below is a summary I came up with, of the kind of things a lot of young ladies ‘forget to remember’ – perhaps it might help somebody you know, to remind them that they deserve more …

You deserve someone ~

~that won’t take your smile away

~that adores your imperfections

~that messages or calls, just because they thought of you – you deserve to know you’re on his mind

~who makes time for you

~who never pushes you aside

~who gives you sweet surprises, just because

~who reminds you that your talents are worthwhile

~who holds on when the going gets tough

~who gives lasting advice rather than blame or shame

You deserve more

You deserve to feel loved

You deserve to be a priority 

You matter

Thank you for stopping by, until next time, keep that smile!

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